How to Keep Your AC Running Smoothly with Annual Tune-Ups

When it comes to keeping your air conditioning (AC) system running smoothly, the general rule is to get it serviced at least once a year. However, if you have an older unit, it's recommended that you get it checked twice a year. The older the unit, the more attention and care it will need to ensure that it can last through the hot summer months. Most experts suggest getting your AC set up for a tune-up at least once a year. In almost all cases, you should schedule the tune-up for spring, just before the summer season, when you'll start using the air conditioning system regularly.

This way, the technician can clean the unit and repair any wear and tear that could cause problems during the hot summer months. In addition, an annual service will help extend the life of your air conditioning system. To help your AC and all of its moving parts work as they should, we recommend scheduling a minimum of one annual tune-up. This service, which is sometimes referred to as “clean and check”, is best done every spring, before the cooling season begins. If you live in a warmer climate or make heavy use of the system, consider scheduling a second regular maintenance visit during peak season to keep the system performing at a high level for the rest of the year. If it's been longer than usual between annual adjustments, your system may start to show signs that it's time to call your local Carrier dealer.

To ensure that lint from the dryer does not enter the air conditioning unit and restrict air flow, watch where the dryer is vented and make sure that it is not tilted toward the AC unit. In addition to hiring a professional to perform an annual AC adjustment, there are some tasks you can perform to extend the life of your air conditioner. While ACs are designed and tested to work reliably for years, an annual air conditioner tune-up can be the key to keeping your HVAC system running at peak performance and helping to improve its lifespan. If summer is coming up and your AC hasn't been serviced recently, a Carrier HVAC dealer can quickly and easily provide you with an estimate of the cost of air conditioning service and schedule your annual maintenance. In addition to the usual AC settings, it is also recommended to program an annual setting for heating systems. Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your AC running smoothly and efficiently throughout its lifespan. Scheduling an annual tune-up with a professional technician will help ensure that your AC is running optimally and will help prevent any potential issues from arising in the future.

It's important to remember that even if your AC appears to be working properly, regular maintenance is still necessary in order to keep it running at its best. By following these simple tips and scheduling regular maintenance visits with a professional technician, you can ensure that your AC will be running smoothly for years to come.

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