Is an Air Conditioner Tune-Up Worth It? - A Comprehensive Guide

Is an air conditioner tune-up worth it? Absolutely! Regular maintenance of your air conditioner unit is essential to ensure that it continues to operate efficiently and reliably. Not only can it detect potential problems before they become serious, but it can also save you money on expensive long-term repairs. In fact, tuning up your air conditioner can save you up to 15% on your monthly energy bills.Repairing and replacing an air conditioner is a very costly expense. Taking preventive measures, such as an annual air conditioner inspection, will help you save money in the long run.

Maintenance checks allow professionals to detect a problem before it becomes a major issue; this way, you'll make fewer service calls and spend less. Additionally, an air conditioner that works efficiently consumes less energy and electricity, reducing the costs of your monthly bill.Do you think that a professional air conditioner tune-up is just a way to part with your hard-earned money? Think again. An air conditioner tune-up offers a lot of benefits and is definitely worth the cost. It will end up saving you money in the long run.

Otherwise, you may suddenly discover that your air conditioner is not cooling, or that your air conditioning unit is leaking outside and, unexpectedly, you'll have to do an expensive emergency repair.Whether you want to prepare your cooling system in spring or if you want to schedule a repair, you'll have priority service if you have an air conditioning protection plan. In addition to hiring a professional to perform an annual air conditioner tune-up, there are a few tasks you can do to extend the life of your air conditioning unit. Regular maintenance acts as a preventative measure to ensure that your air conditioner operates efficiently and has a long lifespan. Most importantly, this gives me peace of mind knowing that I will receive priority service in the event of emergency problems with my units.If an air conditioner unit hasn't been serviced for several years, the cost of repairs can be much higher than if you had to service it every year.

The rest of the maintenance should be included in the fixed rate offered by the air conditioning company, but it's worth asking them for a full summary of what their set-up service includes. An air conditioner should be serviced every two to three years for its first decade, and every one to two years as it ages. Once the warranty expires, usually in 10 or 12 years, a service contract may be a good option.Periodic adjustments not only allow you to avoid an air conditioner breakdown, but will also help you save money on subsequent repairs. During maintenance adjustments, a local air conditioning repair professional will perform a general inspection of your air conditioning system and analyze both the interior and exterior components of the unit, such as the motors and belts.

If you have any problems with your air conditioning system, don't hesitate to contact a heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair professional in your area. In almost all cases, you should schedule the tune-up for spring, just before the summer season, when you'll start using your air conditioning system regularly. To ensure that lint from the dryer does not enter the air conditioning unit and restrict air flow, watch where the dryer is vented and make sure that it is not tilted toward the air conditioning unit.

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