What Happens to an Air Conditioner When Not Used for 6 Months?

No need to worry. Modern air conditioners are designed to work for years, and they often run every day for months at a time. As long as the air conditioner receives regular seasonal maintenance and is in good working order when turned off, you should have no problem turning it back on. Before you turn your air conditioner back on, there are a few things you should do to ensure that it works properly.

First, inspect the outdoor unit and remove the leaves and debris from its case. Make sure that the aluminum flaps on the sides of the case are not clogged by dirt. Its function is to expel heat from the condensing unit.

The cleaner the fins and coils are, the more efficient the air conditioner will be


If you see signs of a liquid leak from the outdoor unit, do not turn it on. Instead, schedule an appointment with an air conditioning service technician. Air conditioners are essential in every home today and are used everywhere, whether in the industrial or domestic sector. However, when not used for an extended period, the air conditioning unit can freeze, rust, lose efficiency, and break down.

There are also cases of fires. But what happens if an air conditioner is not used for 6 months? The average home has to switch from cooling to heating as the days get colder and winter approaches, which usually leaves the air conditioner unused for months. But after several years without using it, a capacitor can lose its ability to produce the voltage needed to turn on the air conditioner. Air conditioner maintenance is crucial because it makes it work efficiently, which means it will consume less energy and save money.

Belt drives help operate many parts of electrical coils and compressors in central air conditioning systems; belt drives also operate window unit fans. Today's manufacturers of air conditioning systems have the necessary knowledge to take into account the fact that air conditioners, with the exception of air conditioners which also work as heat pumps, are only used around half of the year. It's perfectly fine to turn off the air conditioner during the season, but make sure you follow the shutdown procedures prescribed by the manufacturer. If you're planning to buy a new air conditioner this year, consider buying a heat pump which is basically a reversible air conditioner.

The gaskets that surround the fan motor and the air conditioner compressor seal the unit to prevent outside air from entering the house. In general, if you haven't used your air conditioning unit for three to four months, it should still work well when you turn it on for the first time since the previous season. If you have a well-installed air conditioning unit that undergoes regular maintenance, your system should run smoothly during the summer months. At J & M Air Conditioning & Heating we understand how important it is for your home or business to have a reliable and efficient air conditioning system.

That's why we offer comprehensive maintenance services that include inspecting your system before turning it on after months of inactivity. Our experienced technicians can help you identify any potential problems before they become serious issues that could lead to costly repairs or replacements down the road. We can also provide advice on how best to maintain your system throughout its life cycle so that it continues to run efficiently and reliably.

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